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When an artist, on their artist page, who is tying to make a living through their art, talks about having to watermark the hell out of their stuff when they post it because of art thieves, you do NOT tell them “Don’t post it then.” 

Yeah, that’ll go over splendidly. Imagine this as a description on a Facebook page:

"Welcome to my shop! Can’t post anything though, art thieves might steal them!"

Even artists go through the “Blame the victim” thing. Why educate on how art thievery is a bad thing, when you can tell working artists to just not post their stuff? Yep. They might as well close up shop and give up right now. 

F*riff*ing dumb-asses…..



I posted this on another blog (if you’ve seen this before, you probably remember which one; hello again!)

I had a mini set of silver Viking Runes, but they were recently sold!

I can also do runes and pocket deities in other colors, but you have to request them.

Still available. The minis made it to their new home, but I still have three sets. 

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