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Hey Gears! If you live anywhere near Delphi, Indiana, I need someone’s help! I was begged by the bus stop kids to help him, so he’s sitting in a carrier meowing while my own two glare angrily at me over it lol. He cannot stay here but he can’t be on the streets. I’m guessing he’s around 9 weeks old. Very sweet and playful, and according to my roommate, gives kisses. He hasn’t lashed out from being scared or anything. He deserves a good home. I’m still looking around, but you guys are good at spreading the word. So help a sweet little boy find a furever home? If you live anywhere near, please inbox me if you can help.


All that you see is what is currently available in my shop. It’s not much, I know. But I have no funds for more supplies. The pocket deities are available to purchase alone, but if you buy something else from the gallery, you’ll get a pair of them free. This offer lasts until November 1st. 

The posters are OOAK and the dimensions are 18in X 12in. They come without a frame in a poster mailer and they are $15.

Shipping is free for US residents but they are available everywhere. So if you live outside the States, expect to pay up to at least $3 more for these particular items. 

I want to expand the shop. But I need your help. 

I also do commissions, which are to be paid in advance (to make sure I have all the needed supplies). 

Contact me here on Tumblr, Facebook, or my email, which are provided on some of the images. 

Reposting from my pagan blog. You gears pay more attention to my posts here.

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